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Many of our products not only provide comfort and enjoyment, but also reflect local craftsmanship and tradition. It is amazing to see that most of these products are made in Lithuania, including silk sleep masks, sateen bedding, linen fabrics and many others.


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Why us?

Exclusive handmade products

Sewing according to standard and individual measurements

OEKO-TEX® certified

We sew all products in Šiauliai and cooperate with local tailors and textile masters.


What materials do you use for your bedding?

We use mako sateen cotton for our bedding. Our bedding material is made from high-quality cotton fibers with a thread count of 280.

In which country is the bedding made?

Our bedding is made in Lithuania.

What certificates does your bedding have?

All our products are certified according to Oeko-Tex® standard 100. This standard is an independent testing and certification system that guarantees a high level of safety for textiles and other materials.

Do you make your own bedding or do you resell it?

Can I order bed linen according to my wishes?

Can I order bed linen according to my wishes?

Yes, you can order bed linen made according to your wishes. Contact us by email email hello@moodynap.com and we will discuss all the details.

Linen products

In which country are the products manufactured?

All our linen clothing and bath textiles are made in a small, family business studio in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Is linen environmentally friendly?

The short answer is yes, linen is environmentally friendly! It is a natural fiber obtained from the flax plant.

Can I order pajamas according to my wishes?

We currently do not provide such a service.

How to properly care for linen products?

Linen can be hand washed, machine washed, dry cleaned. Wash at low temperature. Bleaching detergents are fine for white linen, but colored fabric should be washed with mild detergents or mild soap. Chlorine-containing bleaches are also not recommended, as they can damage the structure of the fabric. If the water used for washing is calcareous, we suggest adding a fabric softener, especially when washing darker fabrics.


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Linen fabrics are best ironed when they are still slightly damp. It is recommended to iron from the wrong side of the fabric, thus protecting the linen surface from smoothness, gloss and color fading.